Protect your NFTs: How to use to participate in the points system while keeping your 0N1 in a cold wallet

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2 min readSep 19, 2023 is a pioneering web3 security tool designed to safeguard users’ valuable digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies from potential threats and deceptive links. Rather than transacting directly with their primary web3 wallets, users can utilize a proxy wallet setup by This innovation protects major assets from unnecessary risks and is utilized by leading web3 brands such as Yuga Labs and OpenSea.

How To Use

1. Connect Your Vault

The first step in setting up is to connect to your cold wallet holding the valuable NFTs .

2. Choose a Delegate Wallet

After connecting your cold wallet to, you can now designate a delegate wallet. Ideally, this should be a wallet without high-value assets to avoid potential losses. Enter the chosen wallet’s Eth address, and with a confirming transaction, your primary wallet will be officially represented by the delegate, ensuring a layer of added security.

3. Use Your Delegated Wallet, Instead of Your Cold Wallet

After you’ve officially delegated your vaulted wallet, you can put away your Cold wallet and start to use the delegated wallet to sign transactions. This ensures that your valuable assets stay safe, while still allowing you to interact with transactions, sites, and potential airdrops.

4. Connect to the 0N1 Point System

Once you’ve followed the previous steps, all you need to do is connect your wallet to the Official 0N1 Point System website to begin earning points!

Official Link: