Introducing Void Drives & Night Market

0N1 Force Official Medium
3 min readMay 1, 2024

The F4LL3N & ETH 0N1 collections are stepping into a new era of interactivity and exclusivity with the introduction of Void Drives and The Night Market. Void Drives not only enrich the collector experience but will be integral in participating in our upcoming Night Market, where holders can wager for previously unseen traits. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the Enclave’s journey going multichain, offering F4LL3N holders novel ways to interact with and influence their collection.

The Genesis of Void Drives

Each holder of F4LL3N & ETH 0N1 will receive a base allocation of runes, the currency of the Night Market, which will serve as the battleground for acquiring new and mysterious traits for your F4LL3N. Void Drives were born from a desire to enhance how users interact with our ecosystem. These cyberpunk-inspired chips are not just a technological marvel; they are a gateway to enhancing one’s digital assets in ways previously unimagined.

Airdrop Details

To qualify for a Void Drive airdrop, holders must have delisted their F4LL3N during at least one of three designated snapshot windows. The number of windows during which a holder remains delisted directly influences the tier of Void Drive they receive. This system rewards the most loyal and engaged of the Enclave.

The last snapshot window has yet to occur. Make sure to turn notifications on 🔔

The Night Market

Here, the Trait Merchant will host limited-time events and collect holders’ runes in wagers for limited new traits. The Night Market isn’t just about chance; it’s about choice and strategy, as users decide how and when to burn their runes to best enhance their collection.

More information on the Night Market will be revealed after Void Drives are airdropped.

Boost Your Runes

Void Drives do more than passively exist in holders’ wallets; they actively enhance the rune allocations of their F4LL3N. This means that not only do holders receive runes from their Void Drives, but these devices also boost the base allocation of runes that come with their Ordinals. The more potent the Void Drive, the greater the boost, empowering holders to make more impactful decisions in the Night Market.

Provenance and Security

One of the core principles of the Void Drive and Night Market ecosystem is maintaining provenance. Changes or upgrades to inscriptions on any F4LL3N can only occur through active participation in the Night Market. This ensures that no trait alteration is arbitrary; every change is a result of the holder’s decisions and actions. Once the upgrade phase concludes, a literal and symbolic burning of the key to Satoshi’s wallet seals the traits, cementing the collection’s art permanently.

The Future of Interaction in the Ordinal Space

The introduction of Void Drives and the Night Market represents a pivotal shift in the digital ownership landscape. It’s not just about ownership; it’s about active participation and personalization. Holders are no longer passive spectators of value; they are architects of their digital assets.

In conclusion, the journey of the Void Drive airdrop and the subsequent adventures in the Night Market offer a compelling narrative of growth, challenge, and reward. For holders of the F4LL3N, this is an opportunity to redefine what it means to own an Ordinal and to explore the limits of their provenance in an ever-expanding digital universe.


F4LL3N holders who were delisted during at least one snapshot will receive a Void Drive. Void Drives will have three tiers, determined by the number of snapshots a holder was delisted for.

F4LL3N holders receive a base allocation of runes. Void Drives not only offer their own base allocation but also boost the allocation for their F4LL3N.

You will have the option to wager these runes for exclusive art upgrades during limited-time events. These art upgrades are reflected in changes/upgrades to the respective inscriptions.