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2 min readDec 9, 2023

The 0N1 Points System (Join, Accumulate, Unlock)

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the 0N1 Points System redefines how we think about community engagement and participation. This system integrates with both the digital world and the physical world. It offers a unique and compelling approach to rewarding involvement and fostering a sense of belonging among its users. It operates on a simple idea: if you are a part of 0N1 in any way, you will Accumulate Points, allowing you to Unlock Rewards, making every interaction within our ecosystem a rewarding experience.

The 0N1 Points System: Simplifying Engagement

The 0N1 Points System’s simplicity makes its potential so high. It operates on a fluid principle: Being a part of 0N1 in any way will allow you to Accumulate Points and Unlock Rewards. This principle applies to various activities within the ecosystem, whether owning specific NFTs, engaging in our programs, or completing unique challenges. Each avenue provides a distinct experience tailored to diverse interests and levels of involvement. But its openness allows us to expand the potential of our previous engagement and leave something for everyone to participate in with how inclusive it is.

NFT Integration: A pivotal aspect of the system is the integration of NFT ownership. Holding one of our digital assets is the fastest way to earn points, and it’s done passively for just holding our NFTs. This also allows our holders to take part in any of the other activities to earn even more. Our holders will always be our priority.

Customizing Engagement: Your Path, Your Rewards

The 0N1 Points System is designed to cater to each user’s preference, ensuring that each form of participation rewards each type of user. Whether you ‘Join a Challenge,’ ‘Engage in a Program,’ or ‘Invest in an NFT,’ the system acknowledges and rewards your involvement in 0N1 Force.

Building a Diverse Community: The system creates a diverse and inclusive community. It’s not just about earning points; it’s about your journey and contributions to a growing ecosystem, making each member’s experience unique and valuable. And ultimately building up 0N1 Force together as a community.

Inclusivity in Rewards: Engage and Benefit

With the core principle of ‘Join, Accumulate, Unlock,’ the 0N1 Points System embraces inclusivity in its reward structure. It offers multiple ways to earn points, ensuring that every community member finds their place and feels valued regardless of how they choose to participate.

Rewarding Every Participant: The system is adept at balancing the recognition of long-standing members while also welcoming new participants. This approach ensures the possibility for new people to become involved in our project while ensuring we bring value to our original supporters.


The 0N1 Points System redefines Web 3 engagement, making every interaction within our ecosystem a step towards greater rewards. It’s more than a points system; it’s a commitment to recognizing and appreciating every contribution towards our project. We invite you to be a part of this vibrant community, to ‘Join, Accumulate, and Unlock,’ and to become an integral part of our growing ecosystem.