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4 min readDec 3, 2023

Mission Statement of the 0N1 Points System and the future of storytelling.

Build Together. Earn Points. Claim Rewards.

Storytelling is an experience that has begged to transcend mediums for many decades. Fans of big IPs around the globe crave a unified experience that not only tells the story of their favorite characters but also tells the story of their lives.

We are an avatar species, and whether it is Star Wars, Naruto, One Piece, Batman, or X-Men our favorite characters say something about who we are and what we believe. Web3 takes this core principle of human identity to the next level, and we want to lead the way.

0N1 Force is building an IP infrastructure for our holders to create a global brand together hand in hand through comics, anime, gaming and more.

The future of IP are community-led global brands that are for us and made by us. Our points system is a central part of ensuring that our community is rewarded every step of the way, but it is just the beginning.

At 0N1 Force, our mission is to redefine the Digital and IRL story experience by merging virtual achievements across Web 2 & 3 with real-world /cultural impact.

Our 0N1 Points System is pivotal in accomplishing this mission, offering a pioneering platform that transcends traditional reward systems.

By integrating NFT-powered tracking and Web3 technologies, we’ve created a unique digital/irl ecosystem where every action across social media, comics, gaming, and more is acknowledged and transformed into tangible rewards for holders and participants in our ecosystem.

This initiative aligns with our vision of uniting the diverse interests and passions of our community under a cohesive narrative.

The 0N1 Points System is more than a rewards program; it’s a testament to our commitment to innovating within the digital storytelling & gaming landscape, ensuring that every participant’s contributions are valued and impactful.

Through this system, we aim to create a unified ecosystem that recognizes and celebrates the efforts of our community, paving the way for a future where virtual and real-world successes are linked.

In a years time or less our buildout of the points system will become the premiere story and experience-based platform worldwide that unites brands, artists, and users into one unified community.

Regarding Web3, we know gaming is a key industry leading the way for mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Further, we recognize Fortnite’s iconic status in the gaming world and its ability to be a platform for others’ creativity and IP to manifest tangibly to hundreds of millions of users every month.

Cultural icons across every sector of entertainment from Ninja to Travis Scott to Neymar have all joined the Fortnite ecosystem to expand their IP across the globe, and we are adding our unique voice to the conversation.

We are fusing our IP into unique high-quality experiences through the UEFN program to build a bridge between Web2 and Web3 audiences, as the key demographics of Fortnite users closely resemble our target demographic worldwide.

Our Points System elevates this integration, transforming in-game actions into assets with real-world significance. By doing so, we’re rewarding players and contributing to a cultural shift in how gaming accomplishments are perceived and valued.

The way our points system works is very simple:

  1. Visit https://points.0n1force.com and sign up with your twitter account and connect your wallet to register.
  2. Engage and participate in our online/irl challenges and missions to earn points.
  3. Receive rewards, repeat process.

It’s really that simple. What makes our points system unique is that we are leveraging our position as a premiere brand to feed real value in the form of digital, physical, and exclusive benefits supercharged by our sponsors and partners.

The best part of this system is that it costs you nothing and is a value add for being part of our community in a way that self-perpetuates value. The more you participate, the more you earn, the more we grow, and the more value sponsors & partners add.

In an unprecedented move, we have decided to open up our unique and first-of-it’s-kind community powered points system for all communities in Web3.

With our recent update to the system, ANYONE can sign up with the click of a button and start earning points TODAY.

(of course, holding 0N1 assets provide you the greatest multiplier on points so there is extra incentive to hold) -but our mission is to push the entire space forward by providing utility to all Web3 communities, everywhere.

Exciting times are ahead, please visit our site to sign up or learn more.


stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we prepare for the next evolution of our points system!