0N1 Force Official Medium
10 min readFeb 25, 2023

Enclave, R1S3 TOGETHER

New official “0N1 Hunter X” Artwork by IMCMPLX


0N1 Force has had a long, hard road to get where it is today. Originally considered the next blue chip project after BAYC, the project managed to build an impressive community of the top artists, holders, and thinkers in this space. The community was, as legend has it, one of the greatest in the industry.

Upon genesis, 0N1 Force cultivated a community that allowed for a sense of unlimited possibilities and represented the very best Web3 offered in terms of creativity, Art, and storytelling.

0N1 Force is not only one of the few true blue chip projects left from 2021 but is also an innovator in many ways. First to bring the anime meta into the space. The first to do a sideways PFP. The first to allowlist, and so on. Further, they continued to innovate with their Frame recall technology even when at their lowest point, which showed the intrinsic value the brand held.

But the biggest vote of confidence came from the community, which truly is by Web3 terms the longest-suffering and most diamond-handed in the entire space. No other community has gone through as much and stuck together so fiercely as the Citizens of the Enclave.

None of this went unnoticed by our team and we saw in 0N1 Force the potential for something truly great. After many months of development, negotiations, and working together with the original founding team, we are more than proud to announce the full acquisition of 0N1 Force as the flagship project for our new ownership group.

As a brand, IP, and community we believe 0N1 Force has unlimited potential for development and intend on bringing our considerable experience and resources to the table to ensure we establish 0N1 Force as the premiere IP & Brand built on Web3 values.

We don’t just consider this an IP buyout, we consider it a community buyout because as an investment, we believe 0N1 Force has multi-billion dollar value in the future, but it was the community that we invested in just as much as the IP. Many people can develop IP that looks cool or feels cool, but developing a community as talented, loyal, and passionate as the Enclave is a rare and impressive feat. The community itself was a huge part of the valuation and one of the key elements that fueled our decision to acquire the company, and we couldn’t be more proud to call ourselves part of the Enclave.

0N1 Force is a company built on innovations in art, storytelling, and technology. The brand itself is incredibly valuable and because of the timeless art and magnificent community, it stands out as one of the most unique properties in all of Web3.

The community is unparalleled, there is no community that has shown more strength and togetherness over an extended period of time than the 0N1 Force community. In assessing the potential value of this brand, the community was one of the most important factors in making our decision to acquire 0N1 Force, as it was the 0N1 Force holders who proved to us the true value of the brand.

0N1 Force as a brand has all the characteristics of a multi-billion dollar franchise and we know with our experience and resources we can take it to the next level where it belongs and realize its fullest potential.

Expect Greatness,
Together we R1S3.

A brief overview of our recent efforts:

  • Successfully negotiated a full buyout of all founders, who have exited 100% and no longer have any involvement or say in operations moving forward.
  • Brought back Imcmplx & Cromagnus to come back as creative advisors and also create new original works of Art for 0N1 Force.
  • Retained Starlordy as CEO and part of the ownership group.
  • Increased quality of artwork/storytelling, and reestablished ourselves as a story-based project, which you’ve seen a taste of with the rollout messaging.
  • We have brought back original lore and characters that made us special in the first place. Our intention is to honor the past while preparing for the future.
  • Made key promotions, such as William Tong as Chief Strategic Officer and Hired as Chief Creative Officer.
  • Installed an amazing new community manager in Champanini -who will help us increase transparency, communication, and personal relationships with our community.
  • Continued on the work began by Starlordy to build a true home for artists. We have already begun talking with artists familiar and new about onboarding them to our platform.
  • We have initiated conversations with companies from both Web2 & Web3 who are starting to take notice and taking us seriously bc they have confidence in the brand now that they know the founders have fully exited.
  • While the acquisition is brand new and we have just completed the transaction, we simultaneously have already been working on the vision for the next 2–3 years, as we know our community expects us to deliver at a high level from day one.
  • Solidified the values that will drive us forward successfully into the future, which focuses on creating a home for artists and creators as well as involving the community to help lead exciting new projects such as 0N1 Hunter X.
  • The goal of our first three months is to:
    1.) Rebuild Trust
    2.) Reactivate the Brand
    3.) Reignite Fanbase


Art -At drop 0N1 Force established itself as a top-tier Art PFP, setting trends and redefined what PFPs could be. With our resources, the quality of Art will increase, as well as the branding overall will be elevated to meet higher-level expectations.

Build a Home for Artists -Our dream is to make a better future for creators and that includes not just Artists but developers, storytellers, brand builders, and much more. We will become the number 1 destination for the most talented creators to engage our community and build their careers in Web3.

Innovation -Innovating is at the core of 0N1 Force’s DNA and we will focus on continuing to push forward innovations in storytelling and community engagement as well as business development.

Technology -We will utilize all avenues of technology and the multitude of tools to create hyper-personalized storytelling experiences that are more rewarding and unique to each holder. We will also leverage technology to drive more value back toward holders to ensure the long-term success of this company.

Storytelling/Lore -0N1 Force launched with unparalleled storytelling and lore development. We will always honor the past while continuing development to allow for the expansion of the backbone we were built on. As you can already see we utilized M0R1A as the central figure behind the rebirth campaign. Expect more of what you love and to be pleasantly surprised by our developments moving forward.

Community -We have the best community, which has proven itself time and time again against all odds both internal and market-driven. We will be investing significant resources into further developing this project into a community-led project.

Business model -Our priority and the main focus is and always will be on bringing true value to holders, which has not been solved by current Web3 projects as a whole. We will build with the long view in sight and will not do things for short-term gain that suck value out of the community. The old ways are dead and our greater mission is to also bring the entire space forward.

This means rejecting ways of the past that are parasitic or inauthentic. We as a company will set a high standard of ethics and conduct that will make us more appealing to Web2 companies, help repair the industry’s reputation, and be a true bridge between Web2 and Web3.

Strength, Spirit, & Style -One thing that makes 0N1 Force incredibly unique is the space that it occupies. 0N1 Force sits at the intersection of anime, comics, gaming, fashion, & lifestyle. This represents not only a large portion of the Web3 community but also a large audience around the world. 0N1 Force as a brand has that “it” factor that we believe will translate beyond Web3 and firmly into the “real world.”

Our brand has high-level appeal, and we find ourselves in a unique opportunity to position ourselves as leading the industry in many ways. The truth is, NFTs are difficult for people outside of Web3 to adopt because most simply do not “get it” (yet).

However, we believe the 0N1 Force IP is one of the most development-ready IPs of all the blue chips and is naturally appealing to a wider audience that appreciates great Anime-inspired Art and Storytelling.


Our ultimate vision is to be at the forefront of two merging global trends that are inevitable.

1. The rise of Anime.
2. The rise of Web3.

Eventually, these two rising trends will meet, and our plan is to be at the forefront of those intersections.

Our vision is to lean into our unique strengths and create the most personalized storytelling experience for holders and innovate the business model itself so that we bring true value back to holders and community members.

Please keep in mind that while we have begun our sprint even while negotiating the buyout, the truth is nothing great was built in a day and as a new team, we have to stay laser-focused on delivering step-by-step on the road to greatness. These are the key goals we have established that the community can expect from us for the first three months:

  • Setting up the brand for success
    First and foremost we will need to complete the buildout of the Lore, story, and canon. We will reveal the central storyline and characters while involving the community in the process of building it.
  • Create a Home for Artists
    We value Artists and creators to the utmost. This is exemplified by our Artist-in-Residence and grant program. We will work with the best of the best both from within the Web3 community and work hard to onboard high-value Artists into Web3.
  • Continue to develop community-led projects
    We will continue building hyper-personalized storytelling, as is exemplified by 0N1 Hunter X, which is a very special community-led project that has already begun and will premiere at San Diego Comic Conn in July 2023.
  • Building partnerships
    Partnerships are a key focus. We have the resources and network and will be focusing most of our energy on business development and brand partnerships to boost our signal and impact by driving value back toward holders and out toward the Web3 community at large.
  • Types of partnerships we will be exploring:
    -AI/Machine Learning
    -IP Development in Media
  • Innovate business model
    We are creating the first franchise model for people to be able to receive direct support in developing their holdings as IP. Our job is to go out there and develop the Brand IP to increase awareness, users, and ultimate value. Then we distribute those resources gathered along the way back to the community, and vice versa. A supportive symbiotic system that allows for greater success over time.
  • Building IP for real-world adoption
    0N1 Force is one of the most development-ready IPs for the real world, and we will be using comic books as our primary IP development method. This is strategic because comic books are relatively inexpensive to produce and there is an established market we are ready to break into and gain the attention of Web2 media companies at large.
  • Increase transparency and communication
    We are fully aware of the history of the project between the community and the past founders. We listened quietly and carefully, and hear everyone loud and clear. We are fully committed to an inclusive and transparent process as we build, which will include regular announcements updating progress. This may come in a storytelling format such as 10KTF, direct communications from the team, or public discussions involving the community.
  • Consistency and Delivering
    Our daily goal is to be consistent and focus on delivering high-value work in the forms of Art & Storytelling that we provide as a unique experience that also drives value to holders. We believe if we make this the core of our efforts, trust will be regained over time and the community will not have to ask what is going on, because they will be involved in the process of building 0N1 Force as a brand.
0N1 Hunter X -the first community-led comic book experience premiering at San Diego Comic Con 2023

Reintroducing the “New Founding” Team:


Wei Zhou, Strategic Advisor, OFR

Ling Zhang, Managing Partner, OFR

Colin Goltra, Senior Advisor & Investor

Henry Finn, CEO

William Tong, Chief Strategy Advisor


Henry Finn, CEO

William Tong, CSO

Hired, CCO


Champanini, Community Manager


Jerry, VP of Business Development

Yassi, Moderator

Zabs, Moderator & VP of Creative Development

Ulytra, Moderator

V, Moderator

Mason, Moderator




R0N1 Hunter X ready for action!

We wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm welcome and positive feedback we have already received. We know that you have extremely high expectations on every level and will strive every day to meet and exceed those expectations in every way.

We understand the value of keeping members of the community involved, so again expect consistent and clear communications from us moving forward, and in the coming months, we will elaborate on how we plan to execute those items above.

The simple truth is, 0N1 Force means something special to a lot of people. Whether you are an OG nameless or recently joined because you believe in our potential, we see you and honor you. We are most excited to have the opportunity to help bring this project to its fullest potential.

The future is bright, it’s incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for what will be known eventually as the greatest brand in Web3.

Long Live 0N1 Force.

-Wei Zhou, Ling, Colin Goltra, and the OFR Team