0N1 F4LL3N Invade Bitcoin Ordinals, Team Awakens Conscious Characters and Community Rewards

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5 min readFeb 1, 2024


The F4LL3N

0N1 Force (pronounced “oh-knee-force”), an anime brand that invites community to co-create character-driven universes, has unveiled 3,333 new “dark 0N1” characters as part of its immersive storytelling vision, the F4LL3N. The 0N1 team will immortalize these characters on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain using the Ordinal protocol — a system designed to embed immutable on-chain data on satoshis, the smallest denomination of the cryptocurrency. Collectors can acquire these Ordinals on BTC as unique 0N1 counterparts, expanding the current collection beyond the 7,777 0N1 characters already present in the 0N1verse, minted on the Ethereum blockchain. IMCMPLX, the original 0n1 artist, returns as Art Direction Advisor, collaborating with Alex Lin on this forward-facing profile collection.

As part of the collection expansion, 0N1 will kick off its community conflict and commence “The Hero’s Journey,” a storytelling roadmap that lays the foundation for character canon. Protagonist and antagonist designs will enable collectors to fully understand the conflict that shapes their character personalities, and community events will invite collectors to awaken the potential of their respective heroes.

“Some will rise. Some will fall. Some will remain nameless, while others become legends of the new Golden Age. We’ve seen a shift in the storytelling landscape, and we are actively building a platform for community-led storytelling. Likewise, we see potential in expanding our anime empire beyond one specific blockchain or medium. We’ve established strong partnerships, and we plan to pursue an original vision that unifies fans, empowers them, and rewards their participation.” — Henry Finn, 0N1 Force CEO.

Introducing Conscious Characters

Part of 0N1’s ambitious plans include the introduction of conscious characters. These living identities will provide unprecedented story immersion for fans both in the physical and digital worlds.

The F4LL3N are the beginning of expanding 0N1 Force’s storytelling platform across chains

Supporting this vision, 0N1 will continue working with its star-studded advisory board that includes:

  • Paul Jenkins, Eisner Award-winning writer and creator contributing to Wolverine Origins, Inhumans and Avengers: Civil War
  • Ramon N90, character developer for gaming and film franchise such as Riot Games, Valorant, Overwatch and Into the Spider-verse
  • Michael and David Uslan, proprietors of the Batman franchise with access to its vast intellectual property distribution channels.
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster, SuperBowl winner and Founder of Team Diverge, the world’s first athlete-led gaming, entertainment and lifestyle company.

To begin, 0N1 characters will participate in “The Awakening” — a personalized collectible storytelling experience that decides root traits for the characters that they own as NFTs. Following, a novel AI system will allocate additional details from a near infinite selection of foundational characteristics. Additionally, 0N1 holders will shape their journey through the 0N1verse via missions. Participation and mission outcomes will offer a consistent variable for shaping reputations, alignments, strengths and weaknesses.

No 0N1 will ever be like another. Collectors will define their digital identity through their hero’s journey. How they transact will nurture relationships and create enemies. Through this story-telling device, we plan to take your character beyond speculation and imbue 0N1s with the value of story.

The Significance of Ordinals

With its Ordinal Collection, 0N1 is presenting a multi-ecosystem, multi-platform approach. 0N1 will retain and maintain functionality across ETH, BTC and other supporting ecosystems while fulfilling its ambition to provide the global masses an immutable, immersive, first-of-its-kind project. 0N1 will be an omnipresent force in the years to come, touching games, comics, animation, film and beyond.

A Snapshot of 0N1 Force Successes


- First sideways anime PFP & first left-facing artwork (Minted Aug 2021 at 0.07)

- Reached an ATH of 6.5

- Acquired by Old Fashioned Research (OFR) in Feb 2023

- OFR, founded in 2021 by former Binance execs, launched a $100m fund to deploy into 0N1 Force franchise

IP Expansion:

- Previewed comics at Comic Con (1st NFT project to do so)

- Collaborations with renowned figures like Paul Jenkins and Josh Blaylock

- Japan T-Shirt/Artist Activation, Basketball team sponsorship

- AR Comic experience, Art Collections like Apostles and RONIN

Holder Experiences:

- First PFP Collection to launch an off-chain Points System

- Japan Community Network, CN Community Development

- Smart Contracts for RONIN/APOSTLES, RON1N art collection

Gaming Development:

- Established 0N1 Gaming brand

- 0N1 World Program, Juju Smith-Schuster Partnership

- Fortnite UEFN Map (1st PFP project to do so)

Major Catalysts on the Way:

- HLV_XYZ Partnership

- Ordinals Collection in development, Ordinals IP Character Development

- M33KASA AI Chatbot Launch

Point System and Gaming Expansion:

- 0N1 Force first to launch off-chain point system

- Achieved 5,000+ waitlist from pre-mint

- Created Unreal Engine Fortnite experience with 28,000 total sessions and Juju Smith-Schuster activation

About 0N1

0N1 is an anime media, gaming, and technology company building a full suite of multimedia products centered around the 0N1 Force intellectual properties, including comic books, digital collectibles, apparel, video games, augmented reality, live experiences, and more. 0N1 Corp is operated by investment firm Old Fashioned Research.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/0N1Force

Website: https://www.oniforce.com